Porcelain Veneers: What You Need To Know

St Louis Park women getting veneers Most people desire a bright and white smile, but not everyone is lucky enough to have the perfect set of teeth. The good news is that today, there is a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can give you the smile of your dreams.

At Excel Dentistry, we offer comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services, including porcelain veneers. If you are looking for a stunning smile, porcelain veneers might be the right option for you. They are a great way to cover up discoloration and other imperfections in your teeth and reinvent your smile. But it is essential to have complete information about the treatment you are considering. Here are some facts about porcelain veneers that will help you get a better understanding of what they are:

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1. You can’t remove dental veneers

Porcelain veneers are bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth using special cement, and only a dentist can remove them if required. Veneers last for between 15 to 20 years, though they can last longer with proper care.

2. Choosing the right shade of white is crucial

The common belief is that it’s better to opt for whiter veneers. However, you should choose a color that has a natural appearance as excessively white teeth can look out of place.

3. How to make the right choice while picking the white

Some people tend to gravitate towards an opaque white color. But for most people, a soft white is the right choice as it looks natural.

4. Porcelain veneers can crack or chip

Like your natural teeth, veneers can crack and chip. While they can withstand normal wear and tear, you still need to be careful while wearing them. Biting down on excessively hard things can cause your veneers to crack, which is why you need to avoid eating any hard foods. Teeth grinding is another habit that needs to be avoided. If you have this issue, you would need to address it before getting porcelain veneers.

5. Veneers fix many issues

Veneers are an excellent cosmetic dentistry solution to fix issues such as:

  • Gaps
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Chips
  • Misalignments
  • Discolored teeth

6. You don’t need to cover all your teeth with veneers

Some people do opt for veneers for their entire set of teeth. However, this isn’t always necessary. You may need veneers only for a few front teeth that are damaged or discolored.

7. It is possible to get temporary veneers

If you have decided to get porcelain veneers but do not want to wait for them to come in, your dentist would be able to give you temporary veneers. You can use these in the interim period while you are waiting for the actual ones.

8. When you get veneers, you still keep your natural teeth

Veneers are very different from implants. The natural teeth act as a base, and the veneers are attached to them using special cement. Since the veneer is wafer-thin, it doesn’t bulge out.

9. Porcelain veneers are excellent at resisting stains

Many people opt for porcelain veneers because they are stain-resistant, while resin ones, not so much. If you maintain proper oral hygiene, these veneers are far less likely to become stained or discolored.

10. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for veneers

While veneers are a popular cosmetic dentistry option, it doesn’t mean they are suitable for everyone. The dentist will examine the patient’s mouth before recommending veneers. Some reasons why people may not be eligible for veneers include tooth decay and oral infections.

11. Not all insurance plans cover veneers

Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic dentistry procedure. You will have to check the inclusions and exclusions of your policy to see whether they are covered.

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